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Start your PC in less than 10 seconds

Hello readers,
Once again BangBD comes to you with a very useful windows XP tweaks..
Today we'll learn how to start up a PC in less than 10 seconds...!!!
Well, you have come to the right place. To a daily user, shaving that extra few seconds for booting up can go a long way. Before I proceed, may I ask for you to backup your data and registry first just to be safe. You are warned, use with caution.

How to bootup computer in 10 seconds lesser?
1) Press Windows Key and "R" to launch the run command.

2) Type "regedit" inside the input space.

3) Navigate to the registry key


4) Locate the key"Startup Delay" and double click on it.

5) Select Decimal, and change the value to 40000

Enjoy the reduction in startup time and I look forwarding to hearing good news from all of you..

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