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20 Cats Sleeping In The Weirdest Places...What Were They Thinking?

Ah, cats; they're total mysteries to most. Why are they so sneaky? Why are they so sassy? Why do they show us their butts? There are countless things that cats do that are totally and uniquely feline, but that's why we love them! One of the things we'll never understand, though, is where they choose to rest their heads at night...or rather, the 12-16 hours per day that they sleep.

I guess when you're sleeping that much, you've got to get creative?


1. ...It's not even a cushy armrest.

2. I just washed those.

3. Not only does this look uncomfortable, but it's outdated. CDs...really?

4. Now you're just being cliché, cat.

5. You too...c'mon, get a little more creative.

6. I know you can see in the dark...but I can't.

7. "What? I like the heat lamp."

8. We're gonna need that back before dinner.

9. So much for leaving the house today.

10. You guys know there's a whole entire house full of places to spread out, right?

11. "No! Never end...a sentence...with a prepositio—zzZZzzzzZz."

12. Can we talk about how this sleepy cat has thumbs, please?!

13. I can't make coffee for you if you're going to sleep on the coffee maker.

14. Try as you might, you'll never be as good at yoga as this cat.

15. This security cat isn't very good at his job.

16. So it wasn't leaves after all...

17. You're right, it's better to start sleeping on the baby before it's born.

18. Fur-to-fur contact is actually really beneficial to your heath.

19. I guess we're not having stir-fry tonight.

20. When you're trying to pack up your summer clothes and your cats are like:

When you're trying to pack up your summer clothes and your cats are like:

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